About SAHS

  1. We offer information, encouragement and support to those who are educating their children at home or are considering it.

  2. We believe that loving parents are wonderfully qualified to teach their own children and that sufficient resources are available to help parents customize a comprehensive and academically thorough education for each child in their home.

  3. We endeavor to instruct our children with excellence, not only in academics, but in sound character, wisdom, good conscience, love and sincere faith.

  4. We seek to foster in our children a love of learning that will inspire and equip them to continue educating themselves and enable them to teach others throughout their lives.

  5. We commit to meeting regularly and serving faithfully in order to lovingly encourage and help one another as we strive to meet our goals.

  6. We view home schooling as a deep commitment and a rich blessing.

What We Do:

  1. Fall Picnic

  2. Winter Family Fun Night

  3. Monthly Bowling

  4. Playground Days

  5. Monthly Teen Gathering

Children & Families

  1. Monthly Support Meetings

  2. Yearly Mom’s Retreat

  3. Yahoo Group

  4. Information Networking


  1. Field Trips

  2. Geography & History Day

  3. Speech & Drama Night

  4. Science Fair

  5. Standardized Testing

  6. Resource Library

  7. Scholastic Book Orders

Your Home School

How We Help:

Where We Live:

Patch Barracks

Kelley Barracks

Robinson Barracks

Panzer Kaserne

“The greatest determinant of a child’s academic success is parental involvement.”

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