Yahoo Group Guidelines


Guidelines for use of the SAHS Yahoo Group’s Email

The primary purpose of our email loop is to provide members an efficient way to communicate with one another regarding group events and plans insofar as this supports our effort to proficiently home school.  It can also be used for communication that would be of unique interest to the members of our group and for offers and requests for support directly benefiting our members.  We simply ask members to use the loop with good judgment following the guidelines below.

The following constitute acceptable uses for the email group:

  1. Announcing, requesting help, and updating members on the planning for group events useful to home schooling.  Please be sure to include dates, times, response deadlines and any other relevant details

  2. Sending out information that you believe would be useful to the members of our group for home schooling.  This may include information about an outing, a program or a resource that you have discovered.  Please be sure to include all relevant details, directions and costs.

  3. Requesting help, resources prayer and advice for your own family regarding topics and issues that would be appropriate for our group.

  4. Offering homeschooling or household items for sale or give-away but only by your own family.  Please list items, prices, condition and how to contact you.  The subject line should say that you are offering items for sale.

  5. Sending or requesting information about moving into the area if it is for home schoolers planning to move to the Stuttgart area.

The following are not acceptable uses of the email group:

  1. Forwarding jokes, inspirational emails, funny pictures, or funny videos.

  2. Forwarding information of a political nature.  The ONLY exception would be information from a home school legal defense organization that pertains to the legal aspect of home schooling.

  3. Forwarding prayer requests for anyone, other than your own immediate family, without the person’s consent.

  4. Forwarding lists of items for sale by anyone who is not a group member

  5. Forwarding requests for volunteer help or resources on behalf of any organization or individual who is not a member of our group, especially if that volunteer help is requested during traditional school hours and not pertinent in the process of home schooling.  However, announcing opportunities for teens to volunteer to gain community service experience would be acceptable.

  6. Anything written with an angry or sarcastic tone whether personally authored or forwarded.

  7. Recommendations about medical or dental providers that are sent out to the group.  Please answer requests for this information directly to the individual requesting it.

  8. Negative comments about individuals or businesses.

If your email is useful to SAHS membership (still within the above guidelines), but not related specifically to home schooling (e.g. selling household items), please include the abbreviation “OT” (OFF TOPIC) in the email subject line.